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13 November 2005 @ 10:26 am
We've been on the move a lot, as of late. I believe the last time I wrote in this journal we were being chased by the Mist ANBU, but that has been over with for some time. However, Zabuza-san and I are in no position to simply stay in the Mist country, so I believe we'll just be traveling abroad for a bit before we decide what course of action to take next. Currently we're headed southwest--in the direction of Konoha. That's rather interesting--to me, anyway. Every now and then I find myself wondering about the Konoha nin we fought at the bridge... Of course, it would be unwise and uncalled for to try and find them in Konoha, but I can't help but thinking it would be interesting if we did run across them.

Wether we interact with the people in Konoha or not, however, I kind of hope that we can at least take a moment to rest there... I've been having some trouble keeping up with Zabuza again lately. My chest has been hurting... I know it's because of the sharingan ninja, Kakashi's attack at the bridge, but I'm not one to hold grudges. It's just rather inconvenient... I don't want to slow Zabuza-san down, and I don't want to fail him by becoming this weak.

Also, I need to see if they have a pet shop in Konoha. (Ah, so many things I want to do there, when it would such a bad idea to do them...) I'm worried that Usagi-kun's come down with something--actually, I'm worried it's the snuffles. Maybe they'll have some medecine, and you know, we have to stock up on supplies anyway. We'd have to be very careful if we did stop there, though, so we'll see...
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27 April 2005 @ 08:39 pm
Zabuza-san and I haven’t gotten the chance to rest even once, recently. We had to travel through the Mist country and unfortunately for us a few ANBU picked up our trail, so we’ve been constantly on the move. Even worse, my chest has been hurting a lot. I wanted to take a breather the other day, but I knew if we stopped it would endanger not only me but Zabuza, and I can’t have that. I will always protect Zabuza-san in any way I can. Besides that, I wouldn’t want him to think I’m too weak to keep going. If helping him means being his tool when need be, I need to be ready and strong enough to do whatever he wants.

Luckily we’ll be out of the Mist country and away from the ANBU soon. Ah, but on another note, I found Usagi-chan! Well, it’s been a while, so I highly doubt it was the same bunny I took care of all those years ago, but it sure looked like her. Maybe she’s one of her offspring or something. She hopped over to me while we were passing, like she wanted to come with us, so I picked her up and now she’s traveling with us. As soon as we get to a safe spot I’ll have to check her to make sure she’s healthy.

Zabuza said he thinks we’ve finally lost the ANBU and that it’s okay to take a short rest before we continue on. And now—ah. It seems Zabuza-san’s discovered that Usagi-chan is a boy. I suppose we should be calling it Usagi-kun now. I’d better go take care of that…
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